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As indicated by the subtitle, Sara O’Leary’s Owls Are Good at Keeping Secrets isn’t your typical abecedary. While children will recognize many of the animals introducing letters of the alphabet (alligators for A, foxes for F, giraffes for G), others such as iguanas and meerkats may be exciting and new. Through his illustrations, Jacob Grant expertly highlights another […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: WE ARE HERE TO STAY

Originally planned for 2017, Susan Kuklin’s We Are Here to Stay: Voices of Undocumented Young Adults faced an almost two-year delay due to the attempted repeal of DACA and political unrest in a more divided America. Portraits of and information about the interviewees had to be removed to protect the identities of the participants, but even with those […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: A 90-Second Newbery TALE OF DESPERAUX

For this Book Trailer Thursday, here’s something a little bit different. The 90-Second Newbery Film Festival is an annual video contest in which kid filmmakers create short movies that tell the entire stories of Newbery-winning books in about 90 seconds—often with a weird twist. For instance, here’s a 90-Second Newbery of Kate DiCamillo’s 2004 Newbery […]

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What if you took a journey to a fantasy world such as Narnia, but then had to come back to the real world where nothing has changed? In Laura E. Weymouth’s The Light between Worlds, Jamie, Philippa, and Evelyn Hapwell have spent six years in the kingdom of the Woodlands before coming home to 1944 […]

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Attucks! Oscar Robertson and the Basketball Team That Awakened a City by Phillip Hoose, will tug at your heartstrings in all the right ways. Written for high-school readers, this is an inspiring and compelling account of Indianapolis’ Crispus Attucks High School varsity basketball team, winners of the Indiana state championship in 1955. With coach Ray Crowe […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: HIDE WITH ME

When a mysterious girl turns up in the cornstalks of his family’s farm bleeding and refusing to give up her name, 17-year-old Cade has no choice but to call her Jane Doe and hide her in the barn to honor her only request: “Hide me.” Sorboni Banerjee’s debut novel, Hide with Me (Razorbill), keeps readers on the […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: STIFF

Steve Hughes’ debut, Stiff (Wayne State Univ.) is a collection of 16 risqué, often comic short stories with an interwoven thread throughout—the countless devices men use to fill the void in their lives in order to feel whole. From a story about a grieving man purchasing a robot that resembles his ex to a tale of a drug-addicted saxophone […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: A MAP OF DAYS

The peculiars return A Map of Days, the latest installment (and first in a new trilogy) of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children. Although the wights were eliminated at the end of Library of Souls (2015), there is much work to be done to rebuild the world they destroyed. The first task facing the peculiars is learning how to blend in […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: BROKEN THINGS

Lauren Oliver (Replica, 2016) continues to thrill teen audiences with her latest novel, Broken Things (Harper). Who killed Summer Marks five years ago? It wasn’t Mia or Brynn, her best friends, who everyone thinks are prime suspects, who were obsessed with Summer’s favorite novel, The Way into Lovelorn. When a discovery reopens Summer’s murder case, her friends […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: WHAT CAN A CITIZEN DO?

What makes someone a citizen? That’s what Dave Eggers hopes to explain to young readers in What Can a Citizen Do? (Chronicle). Collaborating once again with illustrator Shawn Harris (Her Right Foot, 2017), Harris’ art acts as a whimsical backdrop to bite-size examples of actionable things people can do in order to become great citizens, from picking up […]

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