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Book Trailer Thursday: MASON JAR SCIENCE

This week’s video shows the joy of Jonathan Adolph’s Mason Jar Science (Storey) in action! A preteen girl mixes everyday products in a mason jar, creating simple, fun experiments: combining two liquids somehow results in a solid playdough; mixing three leads to a homemade lava lamp. The cheery, upbeat music and bold, bright text adds to the […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: THE PERFECT STRANGER

Following her debut novel, psychological thriller All the Missing Girls, author Megan Miranda brings yet another disturbing novel about old friendships and hidden histories, this time set in rural Pennsylvania. Leah Stevens hasn’t had the best time since losing her job, but when she meets up with her old pal Emmy, it seems lile a […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: THE GOLDEN THREAD

From Colin Meloy, a musician best known for his work with indie-folk band The Decemberists, and illustrator Nikki McClure comes The Golden Thread (HarperCollins / Balzer+Bray), a folksy biography of the late, great folk musician and activist Pete Seeger. Music was the “golden thread” that tied Seeger to his community and work as an activist, and […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: ROCK ‘N’ ROLL SOUL

From author Susan Verde and illustrator Matthew Cordell comes a cheerful ode to the creative-at-heart. With her school talent show approaching, the young protagonist of Rock ‘n’ Roll Soul (Abrams) muses upon the seemingly infinite ways to showcase her musical potential. Will it be through a psychedelic guitar solo, or her very own  symphony? Despite the fact that […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: The Hazel Wood

In Melissa Albert’s debut novel, the fine line between reality and fantasy is faintly and discreetly blurred. Seventeen-year-old Alice cannot even pretend to be interested in her grandmother’s famous book depicting a fairy tale land quite apart from her own. All her attention is on her very real life on the road with her mom. […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: HELLO HELLO

From New York Times-bestselling author Brendan Wenzel, known best his for Caldecott Honor book They All Saw a Cat, comes a new, engaging romp through the animal kingdom. Hello Hello (Chronicle), with its minimal, rhyming text and warmly illustrated characters, gentle introduces young readers to wildlife conservation. Wenzel’s playful text and endearing illustrations of over […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: WISHTREE

Award-winning children’s author Katherine Applegate is back with a new and timely installment. For many years, Red–a wise, old oak tree–has stood tall over her neighborhood. Every May, an Irish tradition prompts the neighborhood to tie wishes and dreams to Red’s hanging branches. Those who have participated have always been thoughtful to each other and […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: THE FOX AND THE WILD

Clive McFarland’s The Fox and the Wild (Candlewick/Templar) tells a classic tale of curiosity and exploration. When city fox Fred sees birds flying over rooftops and wonders where they are going, he embarks upon a literal wild goose chase, finding himself in the countryside, a place worlds away from his “smoky, noisy, and very, very […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: THE LOST RAINFOREST

In The Lost Rainforest: Mez’s Magic (HarperCollins/Katherine Tegen), Eliot Schrefer builds a world where night and day are completely and utterly divided. Animals in the rainforest who prowl during the night remain magically asleep during the day, while those who walk in the sun sleep forever at night—except for Mez, a panther born during the […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: RABBIT & POSSUM

A timeless tale of an unlikely yet endearing friendship, Rabbit & Possum (Greenwillow Books) is a small, seemingly unassuming story that takes on a big question: How do we celebrate our differences and learn to work together? Rabbit and Possum could not be more different, so when the cautious Possum ends up in a sticky situation, the […]

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