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Biz Hyzy works as an editorial assistant for Booklist's Adult Books department, where she pilfers the most appealing ARCs before anyone else gets the chance. Besides reading, she enjoys swing dancing and ninja training (though, in her case, both include a lot of bumbling around).

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Book Trailer Thursday: Phoenix

This week’s trailer opens like an episode of The Twilight Zone: ethereal mist slowly trickles over a black screen as a hushed narrator describes Lucky’s strange dream-ventures into space. The background jingles intensify as the constellations brighten, and Lucky—drawn like a two-toned comic character—reaches for a white-hot star. Suddenly, he awakes in his corporeal form, his bedsheet […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: I Am a Story

This week’s BTT celebrates the power of storytelling, particularly its ability to unite people from various eras and backgrounds. As inspirational, cinematic music plays, narrators of all ages briefly summarize the history of storytelling, be it oral, visual, or written. Colorful two-dimensional drawings illustrate these traditions, ranging from cavemen paintings and Egyptian hieroglyphics to censorship and e-readers. This adorable video shows how […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: Born to Run

On Tuesday, rock legend Bruce Springsteen released his autobiography, Born to Run (Simon & Schuster), which June Sawyer lauds in her starred Booklist review: “Through the magic of his songs, and now the wizardry of his prose, Springsteen has healed many a heart by reimagining moments from his own life.” In the video above, Springsteen describes the origins of […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: The Wonder

Famous for Room, as well as its Oscar-nominated film adaptation, Donoghue continues to display her mastery of suspense, this time in 1859 Ireland. Lib Wright, a nurse, watches over Anna, an 11-year-old who supposedly hasn’t eaten in four months. Since Anna doesn’t seem emaciated, Lib questions what the rest of the pious town deems a religious miracle and—as the trailer suggests—uncovers […]

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2016: Year of the Wolf?
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2016: Year of the Wolf?

Recently, our office has been abuzz with title trends—once you notice one, you just can’t stop. This week, we saw a heavy batch of titles with the world “wolf” in them land on our desks. After glancing through our records, however, I learned that roughly 20 to 30 wolf books are published every year; there were 22 in 2016, listed below. The wolf, a […]

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49 Wives, 139 Daughters, 188 Reasons to Call Your Book Something Else
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49 Wives, 139 Daughters, 188 Reasons to Call Your Book Something Else

A few months ago, I reviewed The California Wife and, immediately after that, Absalom’s Daughters. Reading these two in a row—and seeing others like them appear on my desk day after day—made me wonder why this type of title was so popular. Curious, I scoured our archives for books with “wife” or “daughter” in the title. When […]

Book Trailer Thursday: The Misadventures of Max Crumbly

Author the bestselling Dork Diaries, Rachel Renee Russell has created another upbeat series about the awkwardness of  being an outcast in middle school, beginning with The Misadventures of Max Crumbly: Locker Hero (Aladdin). In the trailer, an enthusiastic narrator describes Max’s greatest dreams (becoming a superhero) and embarrassments (getting stuffed in his locker). Over a notebook paper background, a free […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: The Storyteller

In today’s video, Evan Turk, author and illustrator of the Storyteller (Atheneum), shows us how he crafted his rich, ancient-yet-modern watercolors about a boy who saves his kingdom from dehydration. The process, which he learned in Morocco (where the story takes place), includes sponging indigo ink, painting with tea and sugar, and watching the colors transform over an […]

Book Trailer Thursday: Battlefield Earth

This summer, Galaxy Press is re-releasing a special, twenty-first century edition of L. Ron Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth in both print and audio. In the trailer, a riveting score ramps up the battle’s import while video game-like spaceships bomb a city. The result is very cinematic, which is especially fitting for an audiobook that includes sound effects, musical scores, and 67 actors playing 198 […]

Book Trailer Thursday: Sea Change

For this week’s BTT, we’re taking a look at Sea Change (TOON), a middle-grade novel written and illustrated by Frank Viva. Eliot resents his parents for sending him to Nova Scotia for summer break. Although he barely tolerates his uncle’s rural lifestyle, he enjoys hanging with the local kids—especially Mary Beth. The child narrator in the trailer reinforces the novel’s diary-like tone, and […]