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Annie Bostrom is Associate Editor, Adult Books, at Booklist. She is a cat person, but also really likes dogs. Follow her on Twitter at @Booklist_Annie.

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Book Trailer Thursday: Work Like Any Other

Adult books editor Donna Seaman heralded Virginia Reeves’ historical novel Work Like Any Other (Scribner), out this month, in Booklist‘s first Spotlight on Book Discussions, December 15, 2015 issue, predicting the novel’s many themes to spark inspired discussion among readers of all kinds. If you anticipated book-club demand in your own library and ordered several copies—or if you didn’t yet—you’ll […]

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Stick with Booklist at #PLA2016

Stick with Booklist at #PLA2016

April 5th through 9th, Booklist will be in Denver for our favorite biennial public library conference: PLA! Booklist booth swag has hit a Rocky Mountain high, if we don’t say so ourselves, with the brilliant book-love-proclaiming buttons and stickers at right. Come grab yours, along with complimentary issues of April 1 Booklist and April Book Links, at booth #1633. We’ll also be […]

Book Trailer Thursday: Julius Zebra

Julius is just your everyday, average zebra until fate forces him to become a hero. Captured from his local watering hole by Roman soldiers, Julius is dragged to the Colosseum where he must—gasp!—fight gladiators. Until a clever solution is reached, that is. Julia Smith promises that author and illustrator Gary Northfield leaves the ending of Julius Zebra: Rumble with the Romans […]

Come Pin with Booklist!

Come Pin with Booklist!

As you may have heard, Booklist is now on Pinterest—come pin with us! We don’t judge the zillions* of covers that march through here, but we certainly notice them; take a stroll down memory lane with one of our book-cover-update boards, or use one of our thematic-cover boards to create a quick display. We also hope […]

April 2016 LibraryReads

April 2016 LibraryReads

April 2016 LibraryReads are here! Check out the 10 April titles chosen by librarians below, linked to Booklist reviews where available. Don’t forget to register for our March 29 webinar, “Library Love for LibraryReads: Spring and Summer 2016,” where you’ll get a sneak peek of books you can read, share, and nominate for LibraryReads in the […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: Two New Book-to-TV Adaptations

As has been previously cited, we have an officially unofficial rule here at the Booklist Reader that any book trailer featuring James Franco earns a Book Trailer Thursday spot; our judges have confirmed that this one qualifies, though technically it’s a trailer for a TV show. The adaptation of Stephen King’s alternate-history 11/22/63 (Scribner, 2011), […]

Book Trailer Thursday: Salt to the Sea

I must admit that the title of today’s BTT is a little bit of a lie—the actual Salt to the Sea (Philomel) trailer can be found here. Instead, I’ve chosen to post this eight-minute video of Ruta Sepetys’ discussing the frame, setting, and her own extensive research for her new historical novel, alongside some truly extraordinary photos. I think […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: The Haters

In the trailer for his new novel The Haters (Abrams), Jesse Andrews says everything goes “completely horribly” when he tries to talk and play his guitar at the same time. Clearly, the same thing doesn’t happen when he’s writing and being funny, or turning his first book, the much loved Me and Earl and the […]

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Book Trailer Thursday: Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book)

This week on BTT, we celebrate the first-ever Booklist Spotlight on Humor. . .-ous Alligators! Snappsy, of Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book) (Penguin), didn’t ask to be in this book trailer either, and yet. . . Here, as in the book, a narrator takes control of the scene, adding […]

Funny without a Y (Chromosome): 25 Hilarious Books by Women in Media
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Funny without a Y (Chromosome): 25 Hilarious Books by Women in Media

The “See! Women ARE funny!” approach to applauding the women who make us laugh is so over. Instead, I present to you this by-no-means-exhaustive list of books by those same ladies (and in one case, a book about them) that’s too full to fit a teacup yorkie in it, let alone a man. It’s a good problem to have. The […]