Get Stoked for Librarians’ Day

StokerCon 2021 is upon us! But what is it? It’s a hashtag (#StokerCon2021). It’s a website ( Most importantly, it’s a virtual horror conference put on by the Horror Writers Association (HWA) running from May 20 to 23. $75 gets you access to the whole shebang, including tomorrow’s Librarian’s Day events. Register here.

For those of you who have been following our Summer Scares updates, you’ll want this on your calendars, as it will include three author panels, one each for the adult, YA, and middle grade 2021 book selections. These are prerecorded and will be available to all Con attendees, but they will be made freely available on the HWA YouTube channel beginning on May 24. Hurray!

For more details on Librarians’ Day, courtesy of Horror Librarian Extraordinaire Becky Spratford, click here.

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