The Latest Booklist: Spotlight on Mystery

It’s that time again: the latest issue of Booklist is live! Here at Booklist, May is always a time to shine the spotlight on mystery and crime fiction. Bill Ott, Booklist‘s resident crime fiction expert and former editor and publisher, will guide you through this year’s Top 10 Crime Fiction titles and a new Top 10 Crime Fiction Debuts. We also present the year’s Top 10 Mysteries for Youth and Top 10 Mysteries and Thrillers on Audio. In a new Trend-Alert, Ott revisits the intriguing and excitingly risky world of Winston Churchill’s Special Operations Executive (SOE), highlighting books that center the women at the heart of the organization’s activities. In a new Read-alikes exploring books with dark, suspenseful twists and boarding school backdrops, Ronny Khuri rounds up six recent YA mysteries. To wrap up this issue’s treasure trove of features is the most recent Booklist Backlist, in which Julia Smith offers up a list of her favorite contemporary science illustrators and some classics that illuminate the mysteries of the natural world.

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Michael Ruzicka, Office Manager, was raised in suburban Los Angeles, received a BA in Creative Writing/Poetry at UC Santa Cruz, then moved to Birmingham, AL, where he spent five years owning an independent bookstore and earned an MLIS. He has brought his librarian skills to Vanderbilt’s Television News Archive, Battle Ground Academy, The Museum of Contemporary Art-Chicago, and the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Michael is very excited to be a part of Booklist and call Chicago his home.

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