Reviews of the Day, 2020: Graphic Novels

In a sense, every weekday is award day here at Booklist. Our Review of the Day highlights especially noteworthy titles by giving them the coveted front-and-center space on Booklist Online. We rotate adult, youth, and audio titles throughout the year, choosing titles that showcase the spotlight in the current issue of Booklist. Some Reviews of the Day are high-demand titles, while others are less-known gems we think deserve more visibility.

In keeping with the season of year-end “best” lists, we’ve compiled ALL of the Reviews of the Day for 2020, from January to December 18; divided them into four categories (adult books, books for youth, audiobooks, and graphic novels); and will be posting one category—and with it, dozens of Reviews of the Day—a day over the next few days. Below you’ll find every graphic novel Review of the Day from 2020. We hope you’ll enjoy this look back at a vibrant year in reading and stay tuned for more by following us on Twitter @ALA_Booklist.


A Cat StoryA Map to the SunAstronautsThe Fire Never Goes OutHappiness Will FollowThe Loneliness of the Long-Distance CartoonistMenopauseMister InvincibleMomsThe Montague TwinsPapaya SaladSnapdragonTwins'

About the Author:

Michael Ruzicka, Office Manager, was raised in suburban Los Angeles, received a BA in Creative Writing/Poetry at UC Santa Cruz, then moved to Birmingham, AL, where he spent five years owning an independent bookstore and earned an MLIS. He has brought his librarian skills to Vanderbilt’s Television News Archive, Battle Ground Academy, The Museum of Contemporary Art-Chicago, and the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Michael is very excited to be a part of Booklist and call Chicago his home.

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