Makerspace Monday: Halloween Fun

Looking for Halloween ideas to share with your families? Try these activities that families can make together at home. It’s time to make some Halloween fun!        

Big Spider Piñata     

Oh Happy Day explains how to turn a 36″ balloon into a big spider piñata with flour, water, newspaper, stiff paper (to make eight legs), four black rolls of crepe paper, tacky glue, Styrofoam ball eyes, candy, and string.

Candy Chute      

Make a candy chute to deliver Halloween treats at a social distance (like Andrew Beattie does in this video) with a six-foot shipping tube, orange spray paint, and black duct tape.

Floating Ghosts

With pliers, scissors, and a bolt cutter, EvanAndKatelyn use recycled plastic bags, black duct tape, metal clothes hangers, and cloth to make floating ghosts that they hang in their trees with fishing line.

Marshmallow Monsters

Spooning candy melts onto marshmallows to make monsters is just one of five no-bake Halloween treat recipes for kids at Bless This Mess.

Orange Pumpkin Fluffy Slime  

See how Little Bins for Little Hands uses slime to form an orange pumpkin with white glue, foam shaving cream, baking soda, saline solution, and food coloring.

Skeleton T-shirt  

Turn an old white t-shirt into a DIY skeleton costume with Red Ted Art. Use cardboard, tape, and a pencil to mark all 12 ribs and then cut them out with scissors, front and back.

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