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Makerspace Monday: Making Music

Invite your virtual storytime listeners to make their own instruments to accompany future sing-alongs. When parents sign up for a virtual storytime session, share the DIY instruction links below so they can use the instruments they made at home during the next livestream session, when everyone’ll be singing.        

Craft Stick Harmonica     

Make a simple harmonica with two craft sticks, two toothpicks, two rubber bands, scissors, and a sheet of paper using these directions from Tammy Dube’s Housing a Forest blog.

Plastic Bottle Guiro      

As Ellen Chang explains in this episode of her Homemade Harmonies video series, a plastic water bottle and a pencil are all you need to make rhythms with a guiro. Don’t use plastic water bottles? Try a tin can instead, or make this balloon bongo rice shaker guiro, found on Kate Lilley’s mini eco crafts blog.

Straw Panpipes

Make panpipes (zampognas) with scissors, tape, cardboard, and eight straws using these directions from Kinderart. Add a ribbon to decorate.

Tissue Box Guitar

The Ventura County Library explains how to make a tissue box guitar with scissors, an empty tissue box, a paper towel roll, a marker, and some rubber bands.

Toilet Paper Roll Kazoo  

Transform a toilet paper roll into a kazoo with wax paper, a rubber band, and a sharp pencil in minutes with these directions from KiwiCo.

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