10 Questions for Farrah Rochon

Farrah Rochon began writing while working on her bachelor of science at Xavier University of Louisiana; she went on to receive her master’s degree at Southeastern Louisiana University. Rochon’s first book, Deliver Me, was published in 2007, and since then she’s authored more than 30 novels as well a half dozen novellas, earning two Romance Writers of America RITA nominations, the Emma Award for Best Author of the Year, and a place for herself on the USA Today best-seller list. When Rochon is not busy writing her next literary masterpiece, she spends her time planning her next great trip, cheering on her favorite sports team (the New Orleans Saints), and binge-watching Forensics Files.

Who is Farrah Rochon?

Farrah Rochon is a full-time writer who is happiest when soaring 40,000 feet in the air on the way to her next adventure. She loves all things Disney, all things chocolate, and all things sports (well, not a big fan of NASCAR but she’d watch if she needs a sports fix). She also spends way too much money seeing the same Broadway shows over and over again, and spoiling her niece, nephew, and chihuahua, Dayle.

Tell us about your new book, The Boyfriend Project.

In The Boyfriend Project, three women discover that they’re all seeing the same guy when one of them live-tweets her date from hell. Instead of turning on each other, they develop an instant friendship and make a pact to stay away from dating for six months while they work on themselves. However, the plans for one of the women, Samiah Brooks, change when a new, sexy coworker shows up.

What three words best describe the flavor of your writing?

Rich, emotional, and sassy.

What is (are) the book(s) that got you hooked on the romance genre as a reader?

I read the occasional Harlequin romance as a teen, but it was LaVyrle Spencer’s Separate Beds that hooked me. I reread it at least once a year.

What have you read recently that you loved and think should be on other readers’ radar?

Sajni Patel’s The Trouble With Hating You and Pricilla Oliveras’s Island Affair.

What are your top five Broadway shows, and what earned them their places on your list?

Hamilton because it is the most brilliant stage show ever.

Wicked because the music is addicting and the humor is so spot-on.

Aida because the love story speaks to my romance-loving soul.

Spring Awakening for the same reason I love Aida. Also, the music is fantastic.

Once because, again, the love story!

Dear Evan Hansen has to get an honorable mention because it’s so emotional and funny. Ben Platt’s performance was the best I’ve ever seen on Broadway.

What is the best piece of writing advice you have ever received?

Your words are not golden. Be open to constructive criticism, but remember to stay true to your voice.

What three things would you want with you on a desert island?

A copy of one of my comfort reads, bug spray, toilet paper.

What is next for you as an author?

In The Boyfriend Project readers meet Taylor Powell and London Kelley, the other two women who were catfished. Both Taylor and London get their own books, so that’s what I’m working on for the foreseeable future.

How can readers learn more about your books and connect with you?

Find me through my website at www.farrahrochon.com, or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.

About the Author:

The Romance Writers of America 2002 Librarian of the Year, Charles has been reviewing romances for Booklist since 1999 and is the author of Romance Today: An A to Z Guide to Contemporary American Romance. After working for the Scottsdale Public Library System for 30 years, Charles retired and went to work for Scottsdale's independent bookstore the Poisoned Pen, where he still gets to push books but has to deal with far fewer computer questions.

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