The Latest Booklist: Spotlights on Reference and Historical Fiction

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The latest issue of Booklist is now live! We’re pairing up our annual spotlight on historical fiction with a spotlight on reference. Our deep dive into the best reference sources culminates in our Top 10 Reference of the year. Make sure you have all of these fact-filled and fun volumes in your collection. This is an election year and, with that in mind, we have also collected the Top 10 Best Online Sources for Elections and Voting. This feature is a definite share. (And share it widely!)

Our spotlight on historical fiction compiles top 10s of the year’s best adult and youth books. And this year, we have an additional Top 10 Historical Fiction on Audio for Youth—sure to be another copy-and-paste list. Inspired by the star-reviewed The Color of Air, by Gail Tsukiyama, Donna Seaman offers a list of read-alike historical fiction titles based in Hawaii’s dramatic past. Maggie Reagan reads a thematic connection between westerns and YA dystopian novels in the latest trend alert. Prolific author Marie Benedict writes personally about the hope historical fiction can give during the current COVID-19 pandemic in this issue’s Writers & Readers. And Michael Cart gives his take on YA historical fiction focused on war times in his most recent Carte Blanche.

Additionally, Heather Booth highlights the narrative talents of January LaVoy in a Now Hear This stirred up by the recent audiobook release of The King of Crows. Finally, our popular Booklist Backlist gets the Kafkaesque treatment (with a bent toward younger readers) from Book for Youth associate editor Ronny Khuri.

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