Makerspace Monday: Paper, Scissors, and Song

There are so many wonderful children’s book read-alouds online now, like the ones with authors reading their books at Charlesbridge and Simon Kids. Musician Wes Tank is reading books by one famous author who is no longer with us; you can listen to Hop On Pop as a Dr. Seuss rap over Dr. Dre beats here.

But while kids love to “hop on pop,” it’s not the same for Mom, especially in May, when Mother’s Day comes. Get ready for Mother’s Day with these makerspace activities using everyday items from home.   


Compose a tune for a Mother’s Day song. Use the “Roses are Red” nursery rhyme or write your own song lyrics. (The Rhyme Zone website can help you find rhyming words.)


Decorate a box, a place mat, or a card with recycled images cut from magazines, wrapping paper, or greeting cards. Mix up your own decoupage medium with glue and water.

Jigsaw Puzzle   

Transform a photo or a drawing into a personal jigsaw puzzle using glue, a pencil, a ruler, contact paper, and scissors with these directions


Create a 3D greeting card by cutting and rolling thin strips of colored paper into designs, an eighteenth-century hobby called quilling, because people would roll the paper around the quills of feathers.

Spring Tulip
Fold a paper tulip and place it into a paper stem and leaf with two sheets of paper cut into a 7-by-7 inch origami squares.

Anastasia Suen reads, edits, and writes books for all ages from her makerspace at home in Northern California. She has been teaching children’s book writing workshops since 1999, writing for Booklist since 2004, and managing the Carnival of Children’s Literature since 2010. Follow her on Twitter at @AnastasiaSuen'

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