Best New Books: Week of July 9, 2019

The following books, published this week, received starred reviews in Booklist. Want to read our starred reviews before the books go on sale? Subscribe to Booklist!

Adult Fiction

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill, by Abbi Waxman

The Chain, by Adrian McKinty

The Enlightenment of Bees, by Rachel Linden

King of the Mississippi, by Mike Freedman

Knife, by Jo Nesbø

Adult Nonfiction

The Bastard Brigade: The True Story of the Renegade Scientists and Spies Who Sabotaged the Nazi Atomic Bomb, by Sam Kean

Beneath the Tamarind Tree: A Story of Courage, Family, and the Lost Schoolgirls of Boko Haram, by Isha Sesay

The Code: Silicon Valley and the Remaking of America, by Margaret O’Mara

The Kindness Method: Changing Your Habits for Good Using Self-Compassion and Understanding, by Shahroo Izadi

Three Women, by Lisa Taddeo

Youth Fiction

Can I Keep It?, by Lisa Jobe

The Day the World Stopped Turning, by Michael Morpurgo

Me Myself & Him, by Chris Tebbetts

Unicorn Is Maybe Not So Great After All, by Bob Shea

Wilder Girls, by Rory Power



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