#WhatIsReading: Celebrate the Joys of Reading with OverDrive, Inc.

What does reading mean to you? If you ask Adam Sockel, Marketing and Communications Specialist at OverDrive, Inc.—and cohost of the Professional Book Nerds podcast—you’ll learn reading a book, much like recalling a cherished memory, can conjure up the “moments in time that stick with us.”

For some (and this is purely hypothetical), this might mean mourning the death of A Tale of Two Cities’ Sydney Carton while blasting a My Chemical Romance album (again, this is definitely not 15-year-old me). For Adam, reading is “truly believing your Hogwarts letter will come someday”; “sitting down for your annual reading of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” as the leaves change”; and 16-some-odd other recollections, traditions, and hopes. (You can read the complete list here.)

And the possibilities don’t end there. In fact, Adam and OverDrive have launched an entire hashtag campaign surrounding the magic of the written word. Dubbed #WhatIsReading, the campaign aims to celebrate the singular and shared joys of reading—and Booklist is officially partaking! Won’t you join us? Shout that #booklove from the mountaintop—or . . . Twitter—and be sure to tag @OverDriveLibs or @ProBookNerds when you do. (Who knows, your quote might even make it into a nifty image à la the below.)







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Briana Shemroske is Booklist's Marketing Associate. She graduated with a BA from Lake Forest College where she studied English Writing and Art History. In her free time she can be found eating cheeseburgers, frolicking with her schnoodle, Moritz, and feebly attempting to play board games. Follow her on Twitter at @Booklist_Briana.

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