Book Trailer Thursday: A 90-Second Newbery TALE OF DESPERAUX

For this Book Trailer Thursday, here’s something a little bit different. The 90-Second Newbery Film Festival is an annual video contest in which kid filmmakers create short movies that tell the entire stories of Newbery-winning books in about 90 seconds—often with a weird twist. For instance, here’s a 90-Second Newbery of Kate DiCamillo’s 2004 Newbery Medal winner The Tale of Desperaux, adapted in the style of the musical Les Miserables. (Clearly, the movies can be a little longer than 90 seconds, and adult help is OK.)

The film festival is the brainchild of YA author James Kennedy (The Order of Odd-Fish). For the past seven years, James has put on screenings of the 90-Second Newbery Film Festival in 13 cities across the country—from New York to San Francisco, from Chicago to San Antonio. At these screenings, James presents the movies with other children’s author co-hosts like like M. T. Anderson, Rita Williams-Garcia, and even Booklist‘s own Keir Graff (The Phantom Tower). Here’s the schedule for the 2019 screenings.

Interested in helping some kids make a movie for next year’s film festival? The deadline is January 11, 2019. You can find complete details at the 90-Second Newbery website.'

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