They Said WHAT?!: Match These 10 Writers with Their Words of Wisdom

“It’s doubtful that anyone with an Internet connection at his workplace is writing good fiction.”

If you were anywhere in the Twitterverse last Thursday, you may already be intimately familiar with this statement. As number eight on Jonathan Franzen’s “10 Rules for Novelists,” published by literary culture website LitHub last week—and by The Guardian in 2010—the “rule” was quick to come under fire. Celeste Ng responded with two glorious gifs (we’re looking at you, eye-rolling The Rock); Angie Thomas with “Lol! I wrote #TheHateUGive while at work with an Internet connection. People tell me it’s good”; and Tommy Pico with his own 10 “rules,” number four of which is simply “chicken tenders.”

There’s no doubt: Franzen has a knack for uniting the literary community, albeit in outrage. And as we revel in Twitter’s most sizzling clapbacks (a full debriefing can be found here), we also turn to advice from writers throughout the ages. See if you can match the following quotes with their respective authors—and be sure to @ us with your favorite (or least favorite) words of wisdom.

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