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What if you took a journey to a fantasy world such as Narnia, but then had to come back to the real world where nothing has changed? In Laura E. Weymouth’s The Light between Worlds, Jamie, Philippa, and Evelyn Hapwell have spent six years in the kingdom of the Woodlands before coming home to 1944 England. While Jamie and Philippa are able resume their original lives, Evelyn struggles through her teenage years before suddenly vanishing. Carolyn Kelly writes in her Booklist review, “This lyrical debut is heavier on emotion than action, forgoing an epic, Narnia-like plot in favor of exploring characters’ powerful feelings of longing, grief, and love.” Accompanied by some gorgeous paper artwork, this trailer uses color and light to show the shifts in mood that mark the siblings’ return to their war-torn reality. This book will appeal to curious readers who wonder what happens once an adventure ends.

About the Author:

Ken Otani is a recent graduate from the MA English Language and Literature program at Central Michigan University. He enjoys reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, and he likes dreaming up his own magical worlds during his free time.

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