Book Trailer Thursday: HIDE WITH ME

When a mysterious girl turns up in the cornstalks of his family’s farm bleeding and refusing to give up her name, 17-year-old Cade has no choice but to call her Jane Doe and hide her in the barn to honor her only request: “Hide me.” Sorboni Banerjee’s debut novel, Hide with Me (Razorbill), keeps readers on the edge of their seats from the very first pages. The book trailer capably mimics the novel’s suspenseful nature with the incorporation of subdued colors and the ominous roar of a fleeting train in the background. The introduction of a young cartel leader with a menacing tattoo and intense stare further begs viewers to question who is Jane Doe, and why is she hiding? In her Booklist review, Diane Colson notes that, although the book contains a startling amount of violence, the gritty action and short chapters “make this a good recommendation for fans of Paul Griffin or Roland Smith.”'

About the Author:

Mahjabeen is a freelance writer in Chicago with a BA in creative writing. She is currently pursuing an MA in library and information science, specifically to become a young adult librarian to work with teens in underserved communities. You can find her on Twitter boasting about her favorite books and marveling at all things green tea flavored.

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