John Green Launches a Book Club

Life's LibraryIn book-world news, Booklist alumnus and all-around good guy John Green has started a book club (in conjunction with his friend and colleague Rosianna Halse Rojas), called Life’s Library. The difference between it and other celebrity book clubs? All the proceeds from this one go to a charity called Partners in Health, a Boston-based nonprofit that helps poverty-stricken families around the globe find healthcare.

If You Come Softly by Jacqueline WoodsonJust two days after Green announced on Twitter the book club would become reality if enough people signed up, enough people had indeed signed up and the launch of the book club was confirmed, with the inaugural selection announced as Jacqueline Woodson’s If You Come Softly (1998). There are three different membership rates: $25 (which includes a book, swag, and discussion materials), $10 (which includes discussion materials), and $0 (which includes the ability to join in the discussion via Discord).

John Green

John Green

Not to be confused with Penguin’s John Green Book Club (curiously missing his most recent title, Turtles All the Way Down), Life’s Library is taking subscriptions for the first discussion until November 16; the books and swag will ship in early December and the reading/discussion period officially begins December 24. And, naturally, there are social media account you can follow, too, on Twitter (@lifes_library) and Instagram (@lifeslibrarybookclub).

Which books will be next? Interestingly, Life’s Library will not be exclusively YA—other titles will include general fiction and nonfiction.'

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