Book Trailer Thursday: STIFF

Steve Hughes’ debut, Stiff (Wayne State Univ.) is a collection of 16 risqué, often comic short stories with an interwoven thread throughout—the countless devices men use to fill the void in their lives in order to feel whole. From a story about a grieving man purchasing a robot that resembles his ex to a tale of a drug-addicted saxophone player who unexpectedly finds his passion again, Hughes’ lively collection is a whimsical exploration of the human need to find a sense of home and belonging. In the book trailer for Stiff, artist-filmmaker Jessica Frelinghuysen pairs seemingly unrelated scenes, capturing both the monotony and the whimsy of these men’s lives: rainwater gushes from a gutter, and then, later, disturbing mannequin heads stare through a shop window. A weary narrator juxtaposes these disjointed images, talking about himself and repeating the word, “dope,” as jazz music clashes in the background. As Jonathan Fullmer says in his Booklist review, “Hughes’ debut is fun and adventurous, an imaginative barrage of raw emotion.”'

About the Author:

Mahjabeen is a freelance writer in Chicago with a BA in creative writing. She is currently pursuing an MA in library and information science, specifically to become a young adult librarian to work with teens in underserved communities. You can find her on Twitter boasting about her favorite books and marveling at all things green tea flavored.

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