Book Trailer Thursday: BELIEVE ME

From the J.P. Delaney, bestselling author of The Girl Before (2013), comes Believe Me, a twisty psychological thriller about a woman playing both sides of a murder investigation. The trailer features a changing checkerboard overlay as the novel is introduced: Claire Wright likes to play other people… to trap them in her web. Her rules are clear: Don’t get sucked in. Keep control. Stay one step ahead. Then the game changes… Who is manipulating who? Who is telling lies? Who is deceiving who? 

Jane Murphy’s starred Booklist review calls the novel a “rich, nuanced, highly literary take on the Gone Girl theme,” in which Claire “redefines the concept of an unreliable narrator.”




About the Author:

A former Booklist intern and current Booklist reviewer, Ellie is a reader and writer based in Chicago. She holds a BA in writing from Wheaton College (IL) and is the assistant to the president at Browne & Miller Literary Associates.

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