Best New Books: Week of August 14, 2018


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Adult Fiction

 Alien Virus Love Disaster: Stories, by Abbey Mei Otis

 Ball Lightning, by Cixin Liu, tr. by Joel Martinsen

 Don’t Eat Me, by Colin Cotterill

 Don’t Send Flowers, by Martín Solares, tr. by Heather Cleary

 The Eye of Verishten, by K. E. Barron

 The Line That Held Us, by David Joy

 The Man Who Couldn’t Miss, by David Handler

 Our Homesick Songs, by Emma Hooper

 Severance, by Ling Ma

 Stars Uncharted, by S. K. Dunstall

 Up from Freedom, by Wayne Grady


Adult Nonfiction 

 Attention: Dispatches from a Land of Distraction, by Joshua Cohen

 The Fighters: Americans in Combat in Afghanistan and Iraq, by C. J. Chivers

 Forage, Harvest, Feast: A Wild-Inspired Cuisine, by Marie Viljoen

 The Tangled Tree: A Radical New History of Life, by David Quammen


Youth Fiction 

 Finding Langston, by Lesa Cline-Ransome

 Fresh Ink, by Lamar Giles

 The Looking Glass, by Janet McNally

 The Rough Patch, by Brian Lies, illus. by the author


Youth Nonfiction

 Bonnie and Clyde: The Making of a Legend, by Karen Blumenthal

 Google It: A History of Google, by Anna Crowley Redding



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