Book Trailer Thursday: CONSUMED

J. R. Ward (of Black Dagger Brotherhood series fame) is at it again with a fiery protagonist, a fiery romance, and actual fires in her new novel. coming this October. When the consequences from a rash decision leaves adrenaline-junkie Anne unable to continue her work as a firefighter, she turns to arson investigation, starting with the fire that flipped her life on its head. She soon discovers the events were more sinister than she could’ve imagined and throws herself fully into the case. Meanwhile, firefighter Danny fights his own inner demons and takes life-threatening risks on the job—until he decides to help Anne in her investigation.

Booklist reviewer Susan Maguire writes, “fans of the hypermasculine vampire warriors will appreciate the tough, damaged exterior and raw sexuality of both Danny and Anne.” Consumed (Gallery) promises suspense, action, and romance to those who peruse its pages. Be warned, however, that once you pick up this book, it may consume you.



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Rebecca Gonner is a recent graduate of Western Illinois University with a degree in English Literature. When she's not at work, you'll likely find her watching anime, playing her ukulele, or reading.

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