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Every weekday we feature a different review on Booklist Online. These reviews are notable for different reasons—they may be starred, or high-demand, or especially relevant to the current issue’s spotlight. We’ve collected the reviews from July 30–August 3 below.

Monday, July 30broken things

 Broken Things, by Lauren Oliver

Summer is the troubled sun around which Mia and Brynn revolve, and the three friends cocreate an imaginary world called Lovelorn, based on an old book Summer has kept with her through many years of bouncing around in the foster care system. In an effort to appease “the Shadow,” a character from the original book, Summer organizes a sacrifice and ends up dead. Brynn sent Mia away on that fateful day but is a prime suspect herself, as is Mia’s secret crush, Owen. The case is never solved, so on the fifth anniversary of her death, the three decide to find the real culprit.



Tuesday, July 31miss kopp just won't quit

 Miss Kopp Just Won’t Quit, Amy Stewart

It seems Constance Kopp’s career as the first woman deputy sheriff in Bergen County, New Jersey, might end on any page of Stewart’s fourth entry in this historical mystery series, which features, as always, Kopp’s deeds of daring and tenacity in the face of social prejudice. Stewart again portrays the uncomfortable conditions experienced by women in America in the WWI era, including sketches of women detained on morality charges in the Hackensack jail.

Wednesday, August 1putting peace first

 Putting Peace First, Eric David Dawson

Dawson, cofounder of the national nonprofit Peace First, has written a handbook for young people who want to make a difference now, not when they get older. The book begins with a Peacemaker Manifesto, or set of seven commitments, for young people to aspire to do: Put Peace First, Every Day; Raise My Hand; Open My Heart; Take a Stand; Bring Others Along; Work with My Enemies; Keep Trying.



Thursday, August 2the stars now unclaimed

 The Stars Now Unclaimed, Drew Williams

A dazzling debut blends the best of small- and large- screen sf: the strong characterizations of Firefly, the space battles of The Expanse, and a tip of the motion scanner to Aliens. Jane Kamali rescues gifted teens from worlds devastated by the pulse, which passes through the universe in a wave, moving each world’s technological advances varying steps backward.

Friday, August 3someday

 Someday, David Levithan

David Levithan’s thought-provoking novel Every Day finally finds its resolution with the long awaited release of its sequel. Our protagonist, A, still struggles with waking up in a different body each day, and though they’ve cut off ties with Rhiannon, their love for her remains. While Rhiannon works with Nathan—a past host body for A—to find A so they can reunite, the mysterious X who shares A’s condition is hot on their path as well.




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