The Latest Booklist: Spotlight on SF/Fantasy and Horror

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This month, we put the spotlight on sf/fantasy and horror. In addition to her subscriber-exclusive Core Collection of Afrofuturism, Susan Maguire brings us top 10 lists for adult-oriented horror and sf/fantasy, while Maggie Reagan and Joyce Saricks include both in their top 10 lists of sf/fantasy and horror for youth in print and on audio. Maggie Reagan also spoke with J. C. Cervantes, author of high-action middle-grade fantasy The Storm Runner, while Becky Spratford spoke with seasoned horror editor Don D’Auria about new developments in the genre.

Elsewhere in the issue, Zara Rix dishes on diverse YA fiction from micro-presses, Keir Graff spills the beans on his latest middle-grade caper, and Michael Cart considers books about talking animals.

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