Book Trailer Thursday: WHAT IF…

With stunning textures and lyrical storytelling, this tale of a young girl with an insatiable creativity will inspire any creator who peruses its pages. Samantha Berger and Mike Curato collaborate to give life to a protagonist who daydreams how she would express her creativity if, say, she no longer had a pencil. She could certainly fold paper into lovely shapes, but what if there were no paper? As the story goes on, the nameless protagonist innovates ways to craft her art with any resource she can think of: the floors, the leaves, the dirt, even simply her own body through song and dance if that’s all she had.

In What If… (Little, Brown), a young girl’s need to express becomes a gorgeous multi-media background to a heartfelt message. Booklist reviewer Courtney Jones writes, “Berger’s inspiring message, drawn from her own experience of losing the tools to make her art during a natural disaster, uplifts and demonstrates the unstoppable spirit of creativity.”



About the Author:

Rebecca Gonner is a recent graduate of Western Illinois University with a degree in English Literature. When she's not at work, you'll likely find her watching anime, playing her ukulele, or reading.

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