Book Trailer Thursday: DEAD WEIGHT

Through the collaborative efforts of writers Terry Blas (collaborative author for The Amazing World of Gumball graphic novel) and Molly Muldoon (contributor to the Cardboard Kingdom graphic novel) and illustrator Matthew Seely comes their debut graphic novel, Dead Weight: Murder at Camp Bloom (Oni). Featuring a diverse cast of teenage-campers and counselors, Dead Weight takes readers on a classic camp murder mystery adventure that’s full of refreshing representation. After weight-loss camp attendees Jesse and Noah inadvertently witness a murder while trying to sneak some sweets in the woods, they take it upon themselves to sleuth-out the murderer with the help of fellow campers Tony and Kate. Blurry evidence leads them to a list of likely suspects, but the more they investigate, the more the plot thickens. Secrets are revealed and tragedy strikes again, but can these campers-turned-detectives discover the guilty party before becoming victims themselves?

Booklist reviewer Kristina Pino highlights the authors’ commitment to inclusion: “This graphic-novel debut is a fantastic collaboration among three people who value diversity, which shows on every page as readers meet campers and counselors of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and orientations.” Reader’s will come for the classic genre with a progressive twist, and stay for the distinctive and lively artwork.



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