Book Trailer Thursday: FURYBORN

Furyborn, out from Sourcebooks / Fire last month, begins the new epic fantasy Empirium Trilogy from author Claire Legrand. The book, which debuted at #4 on the New York Times bestseller list, tells the story of two fiercely independent girls—a thousand years apart and on either side of a war—who are connected by a prophecy. Their powers reveal them to be a pair of queens, one of light destined to save the world and one of blood destined to doom it—but just who is who? The book weaves together the two timelines: pre-war Rielle endures tests to prove she is the Sun Queen, while postwar bounty hunter Eliana joins the rebellion in search of her missing mother and discovers her own powers along the way. Cindy Welch praises the first Empirium installment in her Booklist review: “Legrand excels at world building, deftly integrating the religion and history of this imaginary world into a dark yet rousing adventure story that combines passion and danger at every turn.”

The trailer is nothing short of epic. Not every book gets a trailer, but Furyborn has two: one for the Blood Queen (above), and another for the Sun Queen. The trailers introduce viewers to the prophesied Queens, immediately conveying the high-octane fantasy that awaits with dramatic music and visuals.

Readers of Kendra Blake and Victoria Aveyard looking for a new epic fantasy series with a feminist bent need look no further. Read Welch’s full review online here, or in the February 15th print issue of Booklist.



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