Book Trailer Thursday: CIRCE

Six years after her debut novel, The Song of Achilles, the latest from American author Madeline Miller shows readers a rewrite of classic Greek myths from the perspective of the titular sidelined sorceress, Circe. Truly a woman in a man’s world, Circe is simultaneously too weak (having not inherited the powers of her father, Helios) and too threatening (having discovered her aptitude for witchcraft) to be accepted by the gods. Banished by Zeus to a remote island called Aiaia, Circe hones her witchcraft and encounters famous Greek figures such as the Minotaur, Medea, and of course, Odysseus.

With strong feminist themes, Circe (Little, Brown/Lee Boudreaux) “demonstrates that the Greek myths are still very relevant today” according to Booklist reviewer Sarah Johnson. Putting the spotlight fully on a minor character of Homer’s The Odyssey, Circe’s story receives new life when freed from the limiting view of the male gaze. For fans of adaptation, historical fiction, and strong female leads, Miller’s Circe is a must-read.




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