From UK author Lauren James (The Next Together series) comes a new intergalactic romantic thriller, The Loneliest Girl in the Universe. Published in the UK in September 2017 by Walker Books, The Loneliest Girl arrives in the US from HarperTeen next month.

Sixteen-year old Romy, the orphaned daughter of two astronauts and the sole survivor aboard The Infinity since the age of 11, travels alone through space toward a new, Earth-like planet. When she gets word that another ship, piloted by a boy named J, has launched from an increasingly crisis-ridden Earth to join her, life in space (previously managed with a combination of fanfic and emails from a NASA therapist on Earth) seems a little less lonely—even if their emails take months to reach one another. Romy thinks she’s falling in love, but how much can—or should—she trust news from Earth? Booklist editor Sarah Hunter describes the novel as “a slow-burn genre-blender [with] surprising twists and turns,” at times even verging on horror. Nothing is at it seems in James’ latest novel, and Hunter promises “patient readers will be rewarded by the explosive ending.”

The trailer, like the book, is atmospheric and intriguing, promising both character study and drama with its questions: Can you fall in love with someone you’ve never met? Never even spoken to. . . someone light years away? The music and graphics are evocative of the quirky and mysterious (and chilling) ride that lies ahead of readers who open the pages of The Loneliest Girl in the Universe.

Read Sarah Hunter’s full review in the May 15, 2018 issue of Booklist or online here.



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