Book Trailer Thursday: The Hazel Wood

In Melissa Albert’s debut novel, the fine line between reality and fantasy is faintly and discreetly blurred. Seventeen-year-old Alice cannot even pretend to be interested in her grandmother’s famous book depicting a fairy tale land quite apart from her own. All her attention is on her very real life on the road with her mom. Never in one place for too long. Always moving. No time for books like that. Then, abruptly, Alice is thrown in the middle of it: fairy tales and myths, stories that make her skin crawl, shadows lurking in the corners, all connected to her grandmother’s world, Hinterland. Along with the help of an unlikely compatriot, Alice begins to discover what she always avoided and finally understand her stake in it all.

In Maggie Reagan’s starred Booklist review, she describes The Hazel Wood (Flatiron) as “[highly] literary, occasionally surreal, and grounded by Alice’s clipped, matter-of-fact voice, it’s a dark story that readers will have trouble leaving behind.” Overall, this novel’s the eerie adventure no one is going to want to miss.



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