Book Trailer Thursday: THE FOX AND THE WILD

Clive McFarland’s The Fox and the Wild (Candlewick/Templar) tells a classic tale of curiosity and exploration. When city fox Fred sees birds flying over rooftops and wonders where they are going, he embarks upon a literal wild goose chase, finding himself in the countryside, a place worlds away from his “smoky, noisy, and very, very fast” urban home. McFarland’s take on “the grass is always greener” celebrates curiosity, avoids cliche, and finds its own, sensitive voice as it explores two very different worlds.

As Carolyn Phelan writes in her Booklist review: “Reminiscent of Aesop’s fable ‘The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse,’ this pleasing picture book offers its own narrative exploring the urban versus rural contrast, as well as an open-ended conclusion.”



About the Author:

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