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Book Trailer Thursday: I AM A CAT

Galia Bernstein’s debut, I Am a Cat (Abrams), is a simple yet delightfully warm exploration of belonging and difference. I Am a Cat follows house cat Simon and his attempts to prove to big cats Lion, Cheetah, Puma, Panther, and Tiger that he is just like them, “only smaller.” Though met with incredulity, Simon persists. As each cat puts Simon to the test, the result is both humorous and educational; young readers will learn a little about the differences that make each cat unique, but perhaps more importantly, they will learn that they and Simon are more alike than they think.

As Booklist reviewer Andrew Medlar writes: “Simon helps everyone realize that, though he’s smaller than the rest, he’s a cat all the same. This straightforward concept is entertainingly executed in accessible, humorous sentences, while the digital and hand-painted animals prowl, prance, and play in a variety of perspectives that perfectly prove Simon’s point.”



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Ada Wolin is a recent graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she received a BFA in writing. If she's not reading, she's probably hanging out with her cats, listening to music (loudly), or watching old movies. Or some combination of the three.

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  1.' Binnie Syril Braunstein says:

    Ada –

    Thank you for the lovely article about I Am a Cat. I loved the trailer, as well. I’ve sent the link to your article to all of my friends. One has already pre-ordered it for her two grandkids. She can’t wait to read it to them!

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