Why Did I Wait So Long? JULIA DEFIANT, Reading Choices, and More

Lynn: I read for work and pleasure, so I think about both reading choices and the act of reading often. As reviewers, Cindy and I discuss who reads what all the time, but what I’m musing about today does not concern work, but personal choices. How do you, dear reader, decide what to read next? What guides you? How big a factor are external issues? Is it more an emotional choice or an intellectual one? Are there patterns, habits, or quirks that factor into what you pull from the shelf next?

Julia Defiant by Catherine Egan

I ask this fascinating (to me, anyway) question on the heels of finishing a superb book, Julia Defiant (2017) by Catherine Egan, the second in a series. I adored the first installment, last year’s Julia Vanishesand I was thrilled to receive the sequel. I realize now that I hoarded this book and several other series sequels, saving them until the end of the reading year. I’ve always been a delayed-pleasure sort of person, so I guess this makes sense. Now, with most of my reviewing obligations completed, I am mentally rolling in clover with these treasures before leaping into the new publishing season.

How about you? Do you inhale some special book the minute you find it? Or do you place it on the shelf and wait for space and time to linger? I’d love to know!

And about Julia Defiant? What a beautifully crafted second book! This is no placeholder. All the characters, especially Julia, grow and develop as our understanding of them deepens through the unfolding story. I was fascinated by Egan’s world-building and magical systems in Julia Vanishes, and those, too, have expanded as the characters pursue their mission into a new country. Julia’s personal understanding of who or what she is remains central to this really brilliant series. Now on to the next delayed pleasure on my shelf!


Cindy: I mostly select books to keep up with Lynn! However, I have less restraint than she does. I’m a “life is uncertain, eat dessert first” kind of gal, and not just with my food. When are you going to get to The Book of Dust, Lynn? I’m waiting!!! 🙂



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