Book Trailer Thursday: TRULY DEVIOUS

This weeks BTT features Maureen Johnson’s Truly Devious (HarperCollins / Katherine Tegen), a novel for teens described by one Booklist reviewer as a “suspenseful, attention-grabbing mystery.” True-crime aficionado Stevie Bell begins her first year at the prestigious Ellington Academy intending to solve the 1930s kidnapping (and presumed murder) of the proprietor’s wife and daughter. Unhindered by a lack of clues except a series of letters signed, “Truly, Devious,” Stevie is determined to crack this 80-year-old mystery. But when death revisits Ellington, it looks like Truly Devious has come back, and Stevie finds herself trying to solve not one mystery, but two.



About the Author:

Enobong Essien is Booklist's first international intern, coming all the way from across the pond. Her favorite 'procrastinate from studying' activities include: reading, writing, crocheting and taking note of all the ways Americans are different than Brits.

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