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Book Trailer Thursday: EVERLESS

This weeks BTT features Sara Holland’s Everless (HarperTeen), what we can only hope to be the first installment of a beguiling new fantasy series. This mesmerizing trailer of spiraling clocks and the dripping sands of an hourglass reflects Holland’s fantasy world of Sempura, a kingdom where time is currency and the rich live on for centuries whilst the poor pay with their lives. In order to save her dying father from his time debt, Jules must return to the city of Everless, where she begins to unravel the secrets of the city’s most powerful family and discovers a power within herself far greater than any she could have ever imagined.



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Enobong Essien is Booklist's first international intern, coming all the way from across the pond. Her favorite 'procrastinate from studying' activities include: reading, writing, crocheting and taking note of all the ways Americans are different than Brits.

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