Book Trailer Thursday: MIS(h)ADRA

Based on their own experiences as a sufferer of epilepsy, Iasmin Omar Ata’s Mis(h)adra (Gallery 13) follows protagonist Isaac in his attempts to balance a rigorous college schedule and social life while managing his illness. Using a minimal color palette where yellows and purples reflect the calms of their illness and reds and black depict the storm, Ata has created a highly graphic, very visual rendering of what it feels like to live with epilepsy. As Booklist writes, “The power of Ata’s work lies in its luminous art,” a glimmer of which is showcased in this trailer.





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Enobong Essien is Booklist's first international intern, coming all the way from across the pond. Her favorite 'procrastinate from studying' activities include: reading, writing, crocheting and taking note of all the ways Americans are different than Brits.

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