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Book Trailer Thursday: INK & PAINT

This week, BTT is proud to present a gorgeous trailer for Mindy Johnson’s Ink & Paint: The Women of Walt Disney’s Animation (Disney Editions). In her lavishly illustrated, large-format volume, Johnson, an award-winning author and cinematic historian, chronicles the numerous contributions women have made to Disney animation. The biographies range from Walt Disney’s wife, Lillian, to the members an all-female department who painstakingly inked and painted animators’ sequences onto transparent cels.

The trailer, produced by Don Hahn of Lion King and Beauty and the Beast acclaim, features rare photographs and clips of these women working behind the scenes. Over familiar shots of Disney classics—including Micky Mouse cartoons, Flowers and Trees, and Alice in Wonderland—Johnson narrates about Walt’s visionary goals and how women added to the company’s artistry. Honestly, the trailer is worth watching for the oddly satisfying shots of paint alone. A must for animation fans. For more information, check out our starred review.

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