New York Times Bestseller List-Inspired Halloween Costumes

It’s been well-nigh impossible to escape this adorable collection of book-inspired Halloween costumes for parents and kids. (And who would want to?) The photographs—of Oompa Loompas, hungry caterpillars, and paper-bag princesses—were so adorable that it motivated me to create some costumes inspired by this week’s New York Times bestseller list.

Although these costumes would work for Halloween revelers of any gender, I think they look great modeled on these virtual paper dolls of Grace Jones and David Bowie. (You can find your own here and here.)

After I found the dolls, I dressed them up the best I could, then linked to equivalent costume components (and Booklist reviews of the titles whenever possible).

I’ll be the first to admit that my own Halloween costume choices have been pretty hit-or-miss. (Pro tip: Don’t attempt to dress up as “toxoplasmosis” unless you want to explain yourself all night.) But I think I did pretty well with these, especially when you consider I haven’t read any of the books. Without further ado, I present this year’s bestselling costumes!

Manhattan Beach, by Jennifer Egan

Coming in at number three on this week’s hardcover fiction list is Egan’s novel about a woman in Depression-era Brooklyn. In spite of its strong chart position, chances are most people who’ve bought it haven’t had the chance to read it yet. (Just me?) So put on a knee-length skirt suit with padded shoulders and a fascinator and you’re set.


The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, edited by Bandy X. Lee

This anthology—number four on the hardcover nonfiction list—collects essays from two dozen mental health professionals about the state of our President’s brain health. This is among the most easily achievable looks on the list, since all you need is a novelty straitjacket and a Trump wig. (Pants optional.)

Killing England, by Bill O’Reilly

Most of Bill O’Reilly’s book titles concern killing something or other, and they’re always at the top of the bestseller lists. Although I’m not entirely sure what his latest is about, I think dressing as Queen Elizabeth in a St. John suit, a rhinestone necklace, and one of those headbands with an axe sticking out of it get the idea of killing England across just as well as whatever it is he wrote.


Origin, by Dan Brown

Has your Shingy costume been gathering dust since the last time anyone thought about him? Good news! Dan Brown’s latest work, currently number one on the hardcover fiction list, centers on the machinations of a billionaire futurist. Just throw on any old black clothes you’ve got in your closet, safety goggles, and a hair metal wig.





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