Book Trailer Thursday: UNRAVELING OLIVER

At this year’s Book Expo America, award-winning radio and TV writer Liz Nugent introduced her first novel, a thriller that was named Crime Fiction Book of the Year at the Irish Book Awards. Unraveling Oliver (Simon & Schuster / Scout) begins when title character Oliver—loosely based on a real-life Irish criminal—savagely and unexpectedly attacks his wife and business partner of many years, putting her into a coma. Subsequently, the book is narrated by various characters who know the couple, all stunned by this explosion of violence and compelled to piece together an explanation for Oliver’s inscrutable behavior.

Henrietta Verma praises Nugent’s suspenseful narrative technique in her Booklist review, writing that “readers are skillfully given glimpses of events and of the resulting devastation that Oliver so nonchalantly metes out.” Already a bestseller in Nugent’s native Ireland, Unraveling Oliver will be released stateside on August 22.



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