Book Trailer Thursday: ON A MAGICAL DO-NOTHING DAY

The trailer for Beatrice Alemagna’s On A Magical Do-Nothing Day (Harper Kids) captures the magic of the book’s illustrations with animation. It shows the story of a child  forced to find fun outdoors when Mom takes away their video game. Outside, the child runs into four snails that demonstrate how fun a boring, rainy day can be.

As Booklist editor Julia Smith says in her review, ” There is an increase in drama as each of the child’s senses is triggered by a new discovery in the woods: a patch of red-capped mushrooms; a damp smell like ‘my grandparents’ basement. My cave of treasures’; squelchy mud; raindrops on the child’s tongue—each is seen, felt, or tasted with growing excitement.”




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Currently an intern at Booklist Publications. Studying Art, Rhetoric and Spanish at Bates College. When she is not working, she can be found drawing in charcoal, working out or exploring all the local coffee shops and restaurants in her area.

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