V. C. Andrews Crosses the Pond

Last week, while on vacation in England, I came across a curious sight while browsing the fiction aisles at a charity bookshop in the Cornish countryside: a shelf filled with books by one “Virginia Andrews.”

We Americans will recognize the author as one V. C. Andrews, most famous for “Gothic incest classic” Flowers in the Attic. The preceding description comes from this Buzzfeed interview with Andrews’ family, which also reveals the author initially sold the racy manuscript under her pen name. Andrews’ full name was Cleo Virginia Andrews and went by Virginia—easy to see where the V. C. came from, less easy to guess why her British publishers chose to ditch the initials.

If anyone knows the answer, I’m dying to hear it! In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of another Cornwall book discovery. Can Roy sue Neil Hamburger for stealing his image?






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