Book Trailer Thursday: THE LIBRARY OF FATES

In this week’s video, YA author Aditi Khorana introduces her “feminist historical fantasy,” The Library of Fates (Penguin/Razorbill).

Set in a magical ancient India, the book tells the story of Princess Amrita, a young woman whose harmonious kingdom is suddenly threatened by the brutal Emperor Sikander. To appease him and save her people, Amrita offers herself in marriage, but her sacrifice is ultimately in vain and she must flee his attack. She escapes with Sikander’s slave, Thala, an oracular girl who tells Amrita of a place where the past can be rewritten.

“Amrita’s journey makes for a wholly compelling story,” Maggie Reagan writes in her Booklist review. The Library of Fates is out now.



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Carolyn Kelly is currently an intern for Booklist. A senior at Princeton University, she is studying English. When she isn’t reading a wide array of literature to try and decide what work to write about for her undergraduate thesis, she can be found trying to win tickets in the Hamilton lottery.

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