Book Trailer Thursday: Bed-Stuy Is Burning

In the book trailer for Brian Platzer’s debut Bed-Stuy Is Burning (Atria/Simon & Schuster), violence simmers at the edges of a neighborhood: a park bench, a sidewalk, and an artist’s studio provide a setting for anxieties and tensions unleashed. Platzer’s novel unfolds over the course of a single day in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, when emotions are running high in the wake of a fatal police shooting where a 12-year-old boy, black and unarmed, was shot 10 times. An ensuing riot targets the vintage brownstone where Aaron, a former rabbi turned successful financial manager, and Amelia, a journalist, reside with their infant son.

“Platzer, a writer and educator who lives in Bed-Stuy, is aiming high here, addressing race-related violence, the Black Lives Matter movement, gentrification, and other volatile topics,” writes Annie Bostrom in her Booklist review. Coming July 11, Bed-Stuy Is Burning examines all-too-relevant issues from the viewpoints of multiple characters.



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