Book Trailer Thursday: THE LAST OF AUGUST

This week we’re showcasing The Last of August (HarperCollins/Katherine Tegen), Brittany Cavallaro’s latest addition to her Charlotte Holmes trilogy. The book trailer is so well-made it could easily be mistaken for a movie trailer, with everything from live action versions of the characters acting out snippets of scenes to a quick, snappy voice over from protagonist Jamie Watson. Upbeat and mischievous instrumental music helps set the mood for an adventure and a mystery, capturing the story’s tone perfectly and giving nonverbal clues for what a reader should expect from this book.

The novel itself picks up where A Study in Charlotte left off, with Watson and Charlotte Holmes hoping to unwind over their winter break. However, with Holmes’s uncle mysterious disappearance and the suspicion Holmes’s mother may have been poisoned, the two realize relaxation is not in the cards for them. And so they set out to navigate the streets of Berlin and Prague, August Moriarty and his family, and the hidden world of art forgeries as they search for Holmes’s uncle—not to mention their feelings for one another. In her starred Booklist review, Jennifer Barnes writes, “Beautiful prose, thrilling action, a touch of romance, and two complicated heroes to root for make this a not-to-be-missed sequel. Readers will be craving the final book in the trilogy.”



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