THE MAGICIANS S2 E12: Ramifications and E13: We Have Brought You Little Cakes

Hello and goodbye to another fantastic season of Fillory, from your High King and Queen!

Hello and goodbye to another fantastic season of Fillory, from your High King and Queen!

Fairy Gitmo, gods aplenty, and eyepatches—oh my! I’m doing a super post for the end of the season and recapping the last two episodes together. Boy, there is a lot to talk about! From Library shenanigans to angry fairies, The Magicians team brought the goods. Let’s dive in:

eye patches

RAM-ifications indeed. Quentin and Eliot find a guy who appears to be a superfan, but turns out to be the  lost god of Fillory! Umber has been thought dead for ages, but has actually been holed up in Vancouver because, as he says, “If I had to leave Fillory, Canada was an obvious second choice.” Touché.

Meanwhile, Eliot and Q have been on a quest to find a button-alternative path back to Fillory, and Umber is hanging out in the lush confines of his study, where he creates worlds on a whim and has been playing games with Fillory out of boredom. No wonder the Rattening occurred—pretty entertaining, right? Fillory is nothing more than a telenovela to this god. Umber’s got the grandfather clock that the Chatwin kids originally used to get into Fillory, so this seems good—but it ends so very badly. 

The Last Twenty Pages Are All Blank, right? Sylvia has been nosing all around the Library and tells Penny something horrible: That everyone’s life book now ends with a blank, twenty -some odd pages. There is a cataclysmic event that is yet to be decided, where everyone’s life is hanging in the balance. These two have got to get in the Poison Room! Which, of course, they do. They get the god-killing manual, but Sylvia is waxed by the poison before she can even get out of the room. We discover in the finale that Penny has been given “super cancer” by his exposure and has a matter of weeks left to live, if that. It all makes their sacrifice seem pretty wasted, especially by the ensuing action.

julia magic save

Hey, OLU, Nice to See Ya hanging around this barn in Murs, France. The book world and the television world collide a bit when Kady and Julia bait Reynard’s return with a superstorm at Murs. In the books, this is where Reynard killed, maimed, and raped the Freetraders. But for television, we get a twist: Kady and Julia have a magic bullet with Reynard’s name on it, but they never even get to use it. Our Lady Underground is also summoned by this storm and freeze-frames Reynard to intervene between Julia and her revenge. Turns out he’s her son! OLU restores Julia’s shade and whisks Reynard away to make things even-stevens. So long, not gonna miss that guy. I liked the choice to reframe Murs as a place of liberation and justice rather than how it is in the books, where it was the site of so much misery. But I’m still left with the question of whether or not Julia will become a dryad demigoddess as in the books, so thanks for that!

“Nothing entertains Ember more than a whimsical death.” Indeed. Back in Fillory, Margo is fighting to get Fen and her baby sprung from Fairy Gitmo, as Eliot has called it. She fails mightily, but proves her loyalty when she sacrifices one of her eyes in her attempts to make things right with Eliot. (Eyepatches have never looked so luxe, honestly.) Margo retrieves a fairy plant that will lure Ember to them, as the Fairy Queen indicates they should have been making offerings all along instead of just asking for crap endlessly.  Quentin is balancing attempts to bring Alice back to health with the impending end of Fillory, but on a final bounce back, he drags Umber with him. Ember has already been summoned by the baking skills of Josh Hoberman, who makes him little cakes with the fairy plant. Their reunion is not as brotherly as one would have hoped- a small convo results in Ember realizing that Umber betrayed him, and Quentin saves the day with Julia’s god-killer sword by taking out Ember shortly after he kills his own brother. Two dead gods. . . yay?

yeezy fairiesLoose ends abound by the time the finale closes. Kady is selling out Penny and the Library. Alice is revitalized by the most perfect food: bacon! But somebody called the Lamprey is now after her due to incidents from her niffin days. The gang is reminded that for every action, there is a reaction. In this case, the gods who make the gods are angry that Ember and Umber, their kiddos, got waxed. Their revenge is to send a magical Mario-type plumber to switch off all magic from Earth, Fillory, you name it. And without magic, what do we have? Everyone is depicted after a short time jump dealing with their suddenly very gray world when at the very end, Julia comes to Quentin and shows him something pretty special. In fact, she shows him exactly what she showed him in the beginning: She’s able to spark. We’re reassured with a bumper that “magic returns!” but how will it happen? That’s where we’re headed with season three, coming in 2018.

I like where this season took the characters. The events of The Magician’s Land are far more plausible with a dead Ember and Umber. Using the “alternate Fillory” concept from the book here with the fairies sets them up for a massive conflict upon their return. There was a satisfying mix of events from the book series with original plot devices and concepts that make this story something wholly its own, and no doubt it keeps the viewers happy. The fandom online seems to have expanded greatly, and Syfy went ahead with a poll to find out what they prefer to be called. Fillorians it is! (I totally called that one.) So, Fillorians, will we see you next season? Stay out of poison rooms until then, and don’t forget to make me some little cakes.



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