THE MAGICIANS S2 E10: The Girl Who Told Time

While we don’t get to see Jane Chatwin again in this episode, she’s left quite the indelible mark on these magicians. This episode calls back to the idea that everyone has been living out 39 different instances of the story line (courtesy of Jane), and in this specific instance, they have limitations that are preventing them from getting the job done. Help arrives in various forms, and while tragedy strikes the Neitherworlds Library Crew everything ends on a rather hopeful note drawn straight from the books: Somewhere, there be dragons!the hoberman effect magicians

Most Baked: Josh Hoberman pops back in for a hilarious little storyline where Eliot begs him to bake up some of his best goodies for the impending royal wedding to King Idri. The only catch? That the baked goods make everyone in Fillory like Eliot. He’s tired of being Most Hated High King!

Most Morose: Yup, still Quentin. He trips on some of Josh’s cooking and ends up talking with Julia’s shade. The hunt is on: figure out who knows about shades so that Julia doesn’t end up completely inhuman. Dean Fogg confesses that the only person who knows all about shades is Alice from one of the other timeloops, where she emerged as the only survivor of the battle against The Beast. Julia and Fogg set up a Tesla Flexion spell to reunite the Alice of one time with the Quentin of this time and it’s a completely sob-worthy moment.

fuzz beat collage

Give the right tut, and turns into a world wide spell web. Try it yourself!

Super Signers: Kady and Harriet, played brilliantly by Marlee Matlin, get deep into conversation at the FuzzBeat (a faux BuzzFeed-type web startup) offices. Kady’s just trying to help Penny with his first official assignment from the Librarians, who send him to go fetch an overdue library book from Harriet at FuzzBeat. There’s a hilarious moment where Penny recoils in fright as he believes Harriet is trying to cast at him, but Kady gets him to chill out—Harriet’s just speaking in American Sign Language. They find the “missing” book way too easily—foreshadowing—and discover that the stupid listicles and cat videos online are a bunch of encoded spells to communicate with other magicians worldwide! Surprise, that manatee video you love to share when you’ve got a case of the Mondays is probably spreading magic all over the web. Oops! Love how the writers inject a sense of the real world into the storyline while taking it to the most absurd places.

kill switch magiciansBest Noble Death in the Line of Duty: Howard the Librarian, how little we knew ye. So remember the super easily found library book? That witch did them a bad turn. . . Harriet laced it with a compulsion spell so as Howard went to check the library book back in after Penny’s return, Howard is forced to unlock the Poison Room, the ultimate lockdown for books of a dangerous nature. Rather than open the door, he hits a kill switch in the stacks, falls over dead, and sacrifices himself to prevent disaster. Penny and Kady are absolutely confounded, and of course it turns out that this Poison Room is where a book on killing gods is kept; just what Kady and Julia need to end The Beast’s nonsense. The library storyline is finally getting good and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Still the Worst Babysitter Ever: Margo and Fen start seeing fairies all over the place in Fillory. They’re hovering around just waiting for Fen to go into labor, I guess, and they’re pretty flipping creepy. The whole dead eye thing is way uncool, you know? Margo confesses to Fen that the fairies are there to pick up what they’re owed for wellspring repairs, and unsurprisingly Fen is major PO’ed. Margo believes she has a strategy though, but what it is remains to be seen.
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The episode ends with a tantalizing detail that book fans will LOVE: They’re on the hunt for dragons, finally. Dragons have a great deal of wisdom, but will our erstwhile magicians be able to take a hint or two before they blow something else up? We’ll have to see next week in episode 11, The Rattening.


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