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An intimate dinner for two at an off-the-beaten path Tuscan ristorante. A moonlight stroll along the Left Bank of the Seine. Watching the sun come up over the savanna. Letting the gentle breeze caress your cheek while standing on a warm beach in the Caribbean. It all sounds wonderfully romantic, doesn’t it? That is, until you think about all the work packing involves. And standing in those never-ending TSA lines at the airport. And scrunching into seats on an airplane like sardines in a can. And dealing with all those snooty French waiters who refuse to tell you exactly what escargots are. Fortunately, it is possible to experience all the fun and passion of a love story set in an exotic locale from the comfort of your favorite armchair, as demonstrated by these tales of international romance, linked to their Booklist reviews whenever possible.

all in - simona ahrnstedtAll In, by Simona Ahrnstedt (Sweden)

Cutthroat corporate raider David Hammer is determined to take over Investum, and the first step in his plan is to seduce Natalie De la Grip, whose family owns the financial juggernaut.

Born in Fire, by Nora Roberts (Ireland)

The clashes—both personal and professional—between talented glass artisan Maggie Concannon and sexy gallery owner Rogan Sweeney result in a romance neither one of them expects.

Bought to Carry His Heir, by Jane Porter (Greece)

When mysterious, widower tycoon Nikos Panos asks Georgia Nielson to be his surrogate, she doesn’t realize the bargain includes being alone with him on a remote Greek island.

Breathing Room, by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (Italy)

When the life of America’s favorite self-help author Isabel Favor falls apart, she heads for Tuscany, where she meets Lorenzo Gage, sexy American movie star. . . and her new landlord.

Can’t Help Falling, by Kara Isaac (England)

Two fans of the Narnia series meet at antique shop in Oxford, England with a wardrobe not unlike that in C.S. Lewis’ books.

Chateau of Secrets, by Melanie Dobson (France)

Seventy years after her grandmother hid members of the French Resistance in her chateau, Chloe Sauver returns to the medieval Normandy estate with film maker Riley and finds there are even more secrets to discover.

The Chocolate Kiss, by Laura Florand (France)

When Philippe Lyonnaise, the “Prince of Pastries,” sets up shop near her family’s chocolate store on the Île Saint-Louis, Magalie Chaudron finds herself engaged in a sexy battle with him for customers—and her heart.

Conspiracy of Silence, by Ronie Kendig (Israel)

Special ops officer Cole “Tox” Russell comes out of retirement and partners with FBI agent Kasey Cortes to find the source of a once-dormant, Biblical-era disease that has been resurrected by bio terrorists.

Deception Island, by Brynn Kelly (Indian Ocean)

In order to save his son from kidnappers, legionnaire Rafe Angelito must abduct American heiress Laura Hyland from her yacht in the Indian Ocean—but accidentally takes hostage her body double, Holly Ryan, instead.

honeymoon hotel - hester browneHoneymoon Hotel, by Hester Browne (England)

Rosie McDonal, events manager at the Bonneville Hotel in London, finds herself saddled with training the owner’s prodigal son Joe Bonneville when he returns home from spending a few years bumming around America.

Last Breath, by Jessica Claire and Jen Frederick (Brazil)

Regan is abducted and imprisoned in a brothel in Rio. Two months later, Daniel Hays shows up and tells Regan he’s there to rescue her.

The Librarian and the Spy, by Susan Mann (England)

When a handsome British insurance investigator shows up at Quinn Ellington’s reference desk and asks for her help, how is she to know he’s really an American spy who needs her skills as a librarian to take down an arms dealer?

Like a Love Song, by Nikita Singh (India)

After a devastating breakup four years ago, Maahi is putting the pieces of her life back together while she explores the idea of opening a bakery. But when someone from her past turns up, will Maahi’s sweet new life start crumbling like a cookie?

Mine at Midnight, by Jamie Pope (Caribbean)

Derek Patrick loves being mayor of peaceful Hideaway Island, a true tropical paradise, but everything changes when Ava Bradley becomes his neighbor.

The Moon-Spinners, by Mary Stewart (Crete)

Soon after arriving to Crete for her holiday, secretary Nicola Ferris meets an Englishman hiding out in the hills of the island and finds herself tangled up in a dangerous plot.

A Portrait of Emily Price, by Katherine Reay (Italy)

Much to her own surprise, art restorer Emily Price finds herself accepting an unexpected proposal from chef Ben Hilliam, who whisks her back home with him to his family’s restaurant in Italy.

The Red Door Inn, by Liz Johnson (Canada)

Penniless and escaping a troubled past, Marie Carrington hopes for respite and renewal on Prince Edward Island but her attraction to Seth Sloane, the person working with her on the renovation of his uncle’s B & B, has definitely disturbed her plans.

Taking Fire, by Cindy Gerard (Oman)

Military contractor Bobby Taggart has a six-year grudge against war correspondent Talia Levine, who broke his heart in Kabul. What happens when they’re thrown together in Oman?

too hard to handle - julie ann walkerTo Scotland with Love, by Patience Griffin (Scotland)

Investigative journalist Cait MacLeod stumbles across a story that could reignite her career when she returns home to the small village of Gandiegow and discovers her new neighbor is none other than reclusive megastar actor Graham Buchanan.

Too Hard to Handle, by Julie Ann Walker (Peru)

Dan Currington is hot on the trail of a former CIA agent who’s selling government secrets, but retired Secret Service Agent Penni DePaul, who happens to be Dan’s ex-lover, might prove to be a dangerous distraction.

Untamed, by Diana Palmer (Africa and South America)

Secret agent Stanton Rourke and journalist Clarisse Carrington were childhood friends, but now that he’s rescued her from dangers in deepest Africa and South America, they have a different kind of chemistry.'

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John Charles and Shelley Mosely have been reading and writing about romance together for years. They have co-authored Romance Today: An A to Z Guide to Contemporary American Romance Writers as well as The Readers’ Advisory Guide to Mystery.

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