The Brakebills 7 before their heist. Alice is there, you just can't see her.

This was a most excellent episode! It brought all the main characters together in one coherent storyline with a singular goal: Rob a bank. Magic can’t solve every problem—like paying a million dollars in gold to magical exorcists that work out of a butcher shop (Julia has to do more than merely abort Reynard’s baby now that he’s fused to her soul) and keeping Fillory afloat (High Kings can’t pay bills with no money, honey). So they all need to pull of this heist, and of course, Penny is holding it all together. Travelers are the perfect help whenever you need to pop in somewhere lockeHold up, nobody loves you like Margo loves youd, lost, or lonely.

Episode MVP: Margo! The internet exploded when she confessed to having robbed a bank before (confess? brag? you decide) and laid out the plan in a streetwise Jersey accent. Instead of Ocean’s 11, it was Brakebills 7 there for a hot minute. And it was glorious.

Fantastic reunion: Penny and Kady! Kady comes around the corner in the Brakebills library, and it’s like a lightning bolt hits Penny right in the, um, heart. What a liar—everyone knew he missed her like crazy. Obviously, Kady felt exactly the same way. Now we’re left to wonder what the future holds for them. Kady is still a hedge on the edge, despite the drama they go through together in this episode.

scary niffin alice magicians

Alice is terrifying as an all-powerful niffin. She was scary smart before, but this takes it to a whole other level.

Most evil: Alice has turned to outright torture trying to get Quentin to release her from his back tattoo. What’s worse than a cacodemon on your back? Your immortal ex-girlfriend, apparently. In the end, she exchanges a spell to free Penny from the bank vault for 30 minutes a day of freedom. This isn’t going to end well.

Best wife: Well, I guess it always has to be Fen. I don’t think the poor girl has a clue that Eliot is golem-ing around the universe without her. I hope she loses it when she finally finds out—after all, what’s more damaging to a relationship than being a FU Fighter? Lies, lies, lies.

Most Hilarious Plot Device: The bees. How else can you get everyone out of a bank more or less legally? The internet nearly exploded with Oprah references and it was magnificent.
magicians bees

chickensmagiciansI loved how the energy flowed through the episode. I don’t think it’s been this strong since the Welters Tournament, honestly. The writers are having fun with this extremely strong ensemble cast, and I hope they do more like this. Action mixed with emotion topped by tension and time crunch with just a dab of wackiness on top—the best mix.  There are some interesting repercussions from previous episodes hanging on fast—the Curious Incident of the Crap in the Wellspring is still killing magic, and Margo’s hastiness in declaring war is instant karma.

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