Changes Afoot for Several YALSA Select Lists

If you’re interested in kidlit awards (and if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you are), you might have heard how, at the recent ALA Midwinter Meeting, YALSA’s Board of Directors voted to update the way they develop reading lists like Amazing Audio, Best Fiction, Great Graphic Novels, Popular Paperbacks, and Quick Picks. None of these well-loved lists are going anywhere, but there are important changes being made on the back end. For all the details, check out the board document. Here’s a snippet from a recent YALSA blog post with more information:

Between now and Feb. 12, YALSA is collecting volunteer forms for individuals who would like to work throughout 2017 to develop the next Amazing Audio and Quick Picks lists. 10- 15 members will be selected to work on each list, and as part of their work, they’ll be writing blog posts about the books they nominate. Now don’t panic! We all write, but we may not all be Dessen or Tolkien. . . Hub manager, Molly Wetta, is creating a process that will help reviewers become better bloggers and, in the long run, better writers.

Another addition is getting teens involved in the process. When I worked on PPYA, I would often ask my teens which books they liked, especially if it were a genre that I wasn’t familiar with. This was always a great way to engage my teens and I would take back their comments and reactions back to the committee. Now those same teens will be able to work with us to become guest bloggers for the list.




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