A Celebration of Authorial Mustaches

Booklist loves Jim Shepard (and so does, like, everyone). In her starred review of his latest collection of short stories, The World to Come—out today!—Donna Seaman praises Shepard’s new stories as a “masterful [and] profoundly involving.”

Shepard gets oodles of praise for his writing, and deservedly so, but do you know what else is masterful and profoundly involving? His mustache. Check it out:


Of course, Shepard’s not the only outstanding writer with an equally outstanding stache. In honor of The World to Come, here are some of our other favorites. (I’m certain we’ve missed some, so please let us know in the comments.)



edward albee mustache Edward Albee

It’s like two fuzzy caterpillars crawled on his face and are about to kiss.






garcia marquez mustacheGabriel García-Márquez 

One hundred hairs of solitude
Chronicle of a stache foretold
Love in the time of facial hair

Dude had a nice mustache.



kinky friedman mustacheKinky Friedman

He gets extra points for sideburns.






kinsella mustache W. P. Kinsella

It takes a certain je ne sais quoi to rock a Colonel Sanders, and Kinsella had it in spades.



millhauser mustacheSteven Millhauser

Millhauser’s mustache, unlike his otherworldly prose, is quite workmanlike—but it suits him very well, and that’s all that matters.







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